Polypropylene (PP) Fibrillated Yarn

Polysplit’s polypropylene (PP) fibrillated yarn is mainly used as cable fillers in the manufacturing of Electrical Power Cables as it is light in weight and possesses good insulating properties.
Packaging dimensions: Polysplit’s PP split yarn can be packed with or without paper-core, according to the customer’s preference.
Please contact our Marketing Personnel for further details and samples of our products. Our marketing personnel are technically equipped to advise and work with our customers to tailor-made the product according to its:

• Thickness / Denier Count
• Heat Shrinking / Tolerance Limit
• Elongation Load / Tensile Strength
• Colour

Polypropylene Split Yarn for Cable Filler


Special winder for Polypropylene Yarn

Storage Department
Material Specification
Range 1200~300,000 Denier
Color Natural White or Black
Tensile Strength Over 1.7GM / Denier
Elongation 25% Maximum
Shrinkage (100 x 30 Minute) <8%
Winding With or Without Core
Core Inner Diameter 26~90MM
Core Length 255~445MM
Outer Diameter 250~500MM
Weight Per Roll 5~40KG
Twisting Upon request


Coloured Identification Tapes

Our coloured cable identification tapes play an important role as they are used to bind the numerous wire cluster groups with in the telecommunication cables for easy identification.
Its cable identification tapes, which come in 11 standard colour, are made from Polypropylene (PP) or High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Our HDPE/PP tapes contain the following properties which are ideal for use within the telecommunication cable:
• Highly tenacity
• Heat-resistant colours
• Resistance to moisture absorption
• Non-abrasive during processing
• Resistance to all cable materials
• Good dimensional stability
Packaging dimensional: Our coloured cable identification tapes are wound around cardboard paper tubes.

Colour Sample
1. Red  
2. Blue  
3. Yellow  
4. Green  
5. Violet  
6. Orange  
7. Brown  
8. Black  
9. Grey  
10. White  
11. Natural  


Re-winder for colour binding tape

Material Specification
Tape Size 0.05 x 3mm 0.05 x 5mm
Tolerance Thickness 10% 10%
Tolerance of Width 0.3mm 0.3mm
Breaking Load >4kg >5kg
Elongation >20% >20%
Shirnkage 8% max 8% max
Core Length 220, 180, 168, 110mm
Core Inner Diameter 66, 91, 52, 36mm
Weight per Roll 2kg max

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