About Our Quality!
Polysplit Industries Sdn Bhd (Polysplit) has been in the business of manufacturing Polypropylene (PP) Fibrillated Yarn and Coloured Cable Identification Tapes since the late eighties.

To ensure customers’ satisfaction, Polysplit abides by the motto; “Customer’s Satisfaction Is Our Top Priority” in all its business dealings and thus offers value for money and quality products and competitive prices.

Today, Polysplit has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of fibrillated yarn and coloured cable identification tapes in the Malaysian power cable and telecommunication cable industries. Its products are now also available in Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and Middle East countries.

Polysplit’s main focus on providing value for money and quality products is in line with its commitment to provide customer’s satisfaction. To maintain its competitive pricing policy, Polysplit continuously looks for ways to minimize costs and pass the savings to its customers.

Being a certified ISO 9001: 2015 Management System manufacturer, Polysplit products are carefully monitored throughout the whole production process and are subjected to stringent quality testing to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards at all times.

Polysplit’s manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Puchong, an industrial estate based in the central region of Malaysia. As the area is easily accessible through land, rail or sea, Polysplit is able to ensure that the customers’ requirements are met in a speedy manner.

In addition, continuous upgrading is carried out to ensure that products produced are of top quality. Polysplit has invested more than USD2.5 million on modernizing its manufacturing facilities to serve its customers’ needs.
Today, Polysplit is able to produce more than 250 metric tonnes of Polypropylene fibrillated yarn and 20 metric tonne of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) coloured cable identifications tapes. Its manufacturing capabilities are readily expandable to cope with any increase in demand for its products on a just-in-time delivery basis.

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